Kelvin Freeman
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Kelvin Freeman Images, Inc. offers a variety of personalized one-on-one training and nutrition programs. Convenient south suburban and downtown locations. Additionally, in-home training is available on a limited basis.
Trying to lose a few vanity pounds? Perhaps you need to tone up for an upcoming vacation? Need to get in shape to pass the police exam? Maybe you need to lose 20 to 50 lbs for health reasons? Maybe your goal is to one day compete yourself?
Whatever your fitness goal may be let me help you achieve your dream. Call or email me today for a consultation.

It's time to step your game up!!!

Email: info@kelvinfreeman.com
Phone: (312) 375-0934
Fax: (708) 832-2366
Hours: Monday through Friday
5:00am -9:00pm
Saturdays and Sunday
By appointment only